Who We Are

Neuronet Systems Pte Ltd has been established since 1997.

We came about because we received numerous feedback and understood that many End Of Day data users were experiencing frustrations with their stock data subscriptions and free data downloads because they have the tedious, lengthy and sometimes manual task of creating stock files and maintaining the stock database for stock splits, new listings and delisted stocks.

We believe what a customer would want is a service that would allow them to spend more time to do what they want which is to:

Analyze Stocks And Focus On Grabbing Every Opportunities To Be Successful In The Market.

Thus, Neuronet Systems Pte Ltd was born and this has been our Mission statement ever since.

Our End Of Day Data Service provides:

  • Reliable, accurate stock and index data
  • Automatic addition of new listings
  • Automatic removal of delisted stocks
  • Automatic adjustment of files for splits, rollbacks and name changes
  • Auto-Correction feature capable of correcting price errors and renaming of securities automatically.
  • Able to update all market databases automatically utilizing compression techniques.
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